A special girl who is individually selected, skillfully crafted, lovingly polished and proudly prepared by our amazing God for a purpose - to be called for great, great things. (that i am still trying to discover.)

I enjoy anything and everything beautiful, especially music, and the people who move to it.

Dance is my passion, my life, my soul. nothing can replace the feeling of being immersed in movement and touching an audience without words.

This is and forever will be a Darren Criss/Blaine Anderson/Klaine and all wonderful members of the Glee Cast appreciation blog. They have my heart.

This is not spoiler free (as much as i try to keep it that way!) & i will be throwing in random snippets of my life from time to time amidst all the Darren Criss/Glee reblogging. :3

I do hope you appreciate it and feel free to follow away! ♥

My new lock screen image! *squeals* 
Loving all the HQ outtakes!

My new lock screen image! *squeals*
Loving all the HQ outtakes!

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